About Us

The company STUDIO VITALI Servizi di Ingegneria srl works in order to supply duties and planning solutions for technological systems and building industry and is able to guarantee a flexible and a quick execution.


Not only are the company's services for technical plans but also for activities of coordinating and they address house managers, governing directors, private business, cooperative housing societies and consumer cooperatives, building contractors, companies of industrial plants, maintenance staff, local authorities, administration, industries and engineering companies.


The activity of over 30 years has given to the company the possibility to have a remarkable experience in the design of installation and a full knowledge of system and technical regulations of fire protection, planning for civil engineering and industrial planning. This allows the company to work in the planning for the adjustment of heating system and for other more complex activities, guaranteeing a whole respect of the regulation with a continuous presence until the final inspection.

The company supports each customer during the development of the plan and, thanks to a notable ability of job, is able to support the activities of coordination, finding best solutions and hocking itself to satisfy the requirements of the customer.